Web Production 1 (MEDP 285)

Professor: Zeyao Li (He/They)

Email: [email protected]

Office Hours: Tue Thu 10 am-11:30 am, Appointments only + Discord channels anytime

Friday 10:10am - 1pm (01/28 - 05/15)

Room: North Building 432

<aside> 🌱 Note to students: This syllabus is based on the previous semester and there will be flexibility and adaptation based on our class feedback and progress. Please don't hesitate to email me about your learning progress and we can figure out what works the best for us together 🌸


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Course Description:

This course is a production course with a technical emphasis on popular code-based techniques for web production including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and JS frameworks and libraries. The goal is to introduce various fundamental front-end web and internet technologies, and in doing so, to present a clear understanding of how they interrelate to produce creative content for web distribution. Media content will be generated to consider creative and documentary processes for web dissemination. Throughout the summer session readings relating to net culture and other creative forms for network spaces will be required as well as technical readings.

Objectives and Expected Learning Outcomes:

  1. Create a media-rich website with a text editor that uses responsive design to adapt to the browser and device of the user
  2. Compose pseudocode to think through problems and create site maps and wireframes to map out project development
  3. Apply design concepts with CSS, HTML, and JavaScript and write semantic code for your project
  4. Apply JavaScript libraries and API’s for your project's interactivity
  5. Distinguish important characteristics of Internet Art and identify leading practitioners
  6. Distinguish the trade-offs between creating a website with a CMS and a text editor

Class Structure

Lecture and Demos

Most weeks I will facilitate a lecture and discussion about a topic related to the field of web development. I will also present in-class demos and workshops to help you understand the syntax and the development process.


Each class session will include an open studio time in which students will work on their projects, consult their peers, and receive feedback from me.

In-class Participation and Critique

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